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What are important features about your deck or patio?

Building a deck in DC or Arlington, VA, to enjoy during the summer will create many happy family memories. So, before you build a deck in Arlington, VA or DC read up on deck safety, getting the right contractor, smart deck design, and think of the materials you want to use from Trex, to other Composites to IPE and exotic woods.

As the outside meeting point of your family gatherings, you want to build your deck in Washington DC to function for the type of events you like.

Think about what you need to pull off a cook off, or a 4th of July BBQ. How about a place for a cooler – what about an outside refrigerator, shade area, how many people, size of your deck, color of your deck or a wet bar?

Maybe a built-in storage unit, hidden beneath some double-duty perimeter benches, with great lighting and outlets to play music. When taking pictures, what background do you want all your friends in? How would you like to see your deck or fence? Would a lattice backdrop look cool and give some nice privacy? Or would you prefer more of a natural enclosure with vines and landscaping ideas?

What features do you want to include and those you want to avoid, remember important safety accessories such as post caps, tread lighting, door and security lighting and landscape lighting.

Railings play an important role in securing the perimeter of your deck They need to have proper height, be sturdy and there are codes in the size of the railing. When you build your deck in Arlington, VA know that railings can also add a completely different dimension to your deck design. Mix the unexpected, such as metal and wood, or wood and glass. What about all of them combined in a great look?

If you are going for a patio,think about the interior elements as well? Do you want bead board, lights, fans, hardwoods or tile for flooring, paint colors and other carpentry elements. If you want to go basic, that is fine too but make sure you can add other elements at a later date.

When you build a deck in Arlington, VA or Washington DC, explore ways to design your space to work well for you and look good too.

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